Thursday, February 3, 2011

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011

I love posting about award ceremonies and red carpet events so I'm very pleased to have the chance to write about the Screen Actors Guild Awards so soon after the Golden Globe awards. Here are some of my favourite and least favourite looks. There were so many dresses that I adored from this event. I always love Lea Michele's looks and lately I have been very impressed by Hailee Stenfield and Dianna Agron.

-I have been very impressed by Hailee Stenfield's red carpet looks lately and I think that both her look for the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards were flawless. She brings such a young, fresh and fun style and looks elegant and classy at the same time. I adore the bold colours and the shape of her dress. I can't wait to see further looks from her.
-Lea Michele is always my favourite on the red carpet and I have posted about four of her previous looks in the best dressed list. This elegant and classy sparkly dress suits her perfectly and shows off her figure in the best possible way. The belt adds a touch of glam and the shoes fit in perfectly.
-Mila Kunis certainly backed up her fashion success from the Golden Globes with a gorgeous gown her at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Red is a fabulous colour on her and I love the pattern, style and belt of the dress. The accessories especially the bag match very well. Her hair looks beautiful in the loose curls.

-I have also been very impressed by Dianna Agron's red carpet looks lately and her elegant and classic gowns are starting to stand out to me. I adore this classy colour, the bow and the detailing. I also love the length and the opportunity to show off the shoes and the 1950s vintage inspiration since this is my favourite decade for fashion. I am also looking forward to seeing future looks from her.
-Eva Longoria looks very elegant and glamous here and I much prefer this gown to her last red carpet look. I adore the colour and the style at the top of the dress reveals exactly the right amount to be regarded as highly classy rather than too exposed. I love the length (without a train) the slight detailing near the waist and the accessories. She aced it here.
-This is the first time that I can remember where I have liked Tina Fey's red carpet look. I have wanted to like her gowns in the past but I just haven't been able to. The flower detailing is gorgeous and I especially love how it extends slightly at the top of the dress. It fits perfectly with the fitted bodice and the lovely flowy material cascading to the bottom.

-Kim Kardashian's dress is a very gorgeous colour and that is what drew my attention to it. Purple is my favourite colour and I have noted a lack of purple dresses on the red carpet recently so it is very refreshing to see this beautiful shade. I love the silver detailing and the one shoulder style.
-January Jones looked very elegant and classy here and I also much prefered this look to her Golden Globe gown. I adore the gold against the black and the pattern is so very pretty. I liked the belt part which breaks up the dress. The style of the dress certainly compliments the vintage vibe that this dress portrays.

-I love the colour and pattern of Claire Danes's dress and it is different to some of the more common looks that are seen on the red carpet. The accents and details of black as with the belt and the frills at the top take this dress to another level of elegance. I think the dress is beautiful.

-Christina Hendricks looked too dark and scary in this outfit and the style appeared too heavy and bulky. I didn't like the split in the front or the long sleeves. It just seemed completely wrong to me.
-Winona Ryder's look has been widely discussed as the worst and her well known deer in head lights facial expression. I agree and I didn't like the wedding dress look because it was not appropriate for the occassion.

-I'm not usually a fan of Nicole Kidman's looks at red carpet events and this was no exception. I thought the all black look was a little plain and the lace and cut outs were not in the most flattering or stylish places. It was just not my style at all.

so cute

I wanted to point out that these two girls- Kiernan Shipka and Ariel Winter are so adorable and in my opinion are probably the best dressed along with Hailee Stenfield. I love the colours, sweet bows and gorgeous shoes. They look so beautiful, what pretty girls. I really want dresses and shoes like this style.

So what do you think? What were your favourite and least favourite looks?


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I agree with you on all of these! My favorites were Mila and Hailee. That shade of red is absolutely STUNNING on Mila and I thought Hailee's colorful dress was very age-appropriate. :)

janettaylor said...

Mila Kunis - NO DOUBT! :D


Sherin said...

Mila Kunis' dress is stunning!! She looks so beautiful. I also love Ariel Winter's look. She's such a great actress as well.

Michelle said...

i was so nervous watching lea michelle- i love the dress but i was afraid there might be a wardrobe malfunction! haha

Kavery said...

How pretty the little girls are in that last photo. I missed seeing them so I'm very glad you posted this.

She is Sara said...

lol oh wow Winonna! Why?! The little girls are my fave! So sweet :)

jess said...

I like Stenfield's dress its so fun.

yiqin; said...

I always adore red dresses.

Yvette said...

love mila, eva and kim!


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Sweet said...

I so love Mila my dear!!! and yes Lea Michelle as well...


Frock Around the Clock said...

Eeek Nicole Kidman looks so fussy and over done.. the worst really are the worst and the best are beautiful! Why does Winona Ryder do that with her face?! :) x

Rose said...

Found a site you might like Imogen...
It has discounted clothes including Dangerfield and Alannah Hill that I know you like. Although there isnt a huggge variety theyre pretty good prices.
I found a Dangerfield store in the city last week, they had some lovely dresses and skirts but a bit too expensive for me. I adore the fabrics they use.


rebecca said...

i haven't really followed the awards at all, but agron looks amazing!


Winnie said...

Adored Mila Kunis too, she's so popular these days! Also agreed about Christina Hendricks, not really the sort of dress I expected her to wear!

dotie said...

Mila Kunis for the win :)
she already looks so damn sexy and that dress just made her even more hotter..love her!

eclectic du jour

Style, She Wrote said...

Kiernan Shipka and Ariel Winter are so cute!! xo style, she wrote

Chanelle said...

hahahahahaha, Winona looks too awkward for words.

Nathalia said...

These dresses are beautiful! *o*
my favorites are the last *-*