Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Red Carpet 2010

I have been posting about awards ceremonies for a while now so I thought that I couldn't let the most important one pass by without some sort of comment. I really enjoyed the fashion at the Oscars this year because there were more dresses than usual that were in accordance with my taste and there weren't too many fashion disasters. Unfortunately I don't have as much time to make as comprehensive review as I would like to so this will have to suffice. As you can tell by my choices I absolutely adore nude colour dresses.

-Anna Kendrick is relatively new to the red carpet but she certainly knows how to dress for these sorts of events. The colour of her dress is beautiful and the style and sleeves make a statement. I love the decorative and fitted top which flairs out into a flowy skirt. The whole look is extremely classy. I also love her hair style which suited her look.
-Its a refreshing change to see Kristin Stewart look so elegant in this outfit and I much prefer it to some of her previous and fun outfits. I like the deep and rich colour and I think it is a sophisticated look.
-I love Demi Moore's dress and I think she looks very pretty. Again, the colour of her dress is beautiful and very in at the moment and the ruffles at the bottom make a statement and are so gorgeous. I also like the top of the dress and the incorporation of the two shades of pink. This is very close to being my favourite dress of the event.

-Miley's dress was my absolute favourite of the whole event and I think it is just perfect. This dress is timeless, classic and classy and I love the fitted and silky bodice which flairs out into a stunning dress. I think the choice of champagne colour rather than white complemented her look. I disagree with anyone who says that Miley's dress is too old for her because I don't think seventeen is too young to try a sophisticated look. I think she pulled this off perfectly and I love how her red carpet taste has developed in the past couple of years. I honestly can't explain how much I love this dress.
-I love Rachel McAdams and I think she is very talented. The main reason why I like this dress is because it is different and colourful. Although I love nude and metalic dresses, it is also refreshing to have some variety and pattern.
-Cameron Diaz's outfit is another stunning dress in a neutral tone. I simple love the detailing and decoration and the shape of this dress. It is a beautiful, statement dress and one of my favourite of her red carpet looks.


There were many more dresses that I didn't like but I only have time to select a few- Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie and Sarah Jessica Parker. In my opinion these dresses are completely wrong and I strongly dislike them. Feel free to disagree with me in regards to any of my choices.

So...what did you think?


SabinePsynopsis said...

We seem to be having a very similar taste - Your favs were certainly my favourites, too. I thought Kristin Stewart looked lovely.

Sher said...

Oh, I thought J.Lo looked so weird in that dress!

And I think Kristen is the most improved, she is really stunning in that midnight gown:)

daisychain said...

I think this is the best oscars post I've read :)

Elaine said...

They all looked amazing! I really like SJP's and Kristin Stewart's dress.


Susi said...

Oh I loved Miley's Dress! So enchanting!


Fashion Court said...

i agree with you - except for nicole richie! i actually kinda like it..but i'd never wear it myself :P

Rose said...

I agree with you on the good and bad Imogen! I love the colour of Demi and Anne's dresses. And Mileys dress is so beautiful!
Nicole Richie...what was she thinking!? that is one horrible dress.

Hope you are finding your feet at uni?


Leah said...

I love Cameron Diaz' dress... I love the design, the details and she carried it so well. xoxo

Georgie said...

I agree with you all of these, I don't usually like anything K. Stewart wears but its a really good dress for her, not too girly but still elegant!

Leia said...

I loved Demi Moore's dress!

Novie said...

i love Kristen's dress.. so beautiful!

Romany said...

Loved Anna and Kristen - they both looked downright stunning. I must be the only one who just wasn't feeling Demi's look...
I personally also liked SJP and Nicole Richie. And I agree Miley Cyrus looked so gorgeous, but I just couldn't bring myself to put her on my best dressed list. Haha, I'm so petty.

beckyxoxo said...

I'm so in love with Anna Kendrick, Kristen Stewart and Rachel McAdams's dresses ! So gorgeous . And I don't like Nicole Richie's dress at all . Looks so weird ! Haha . Thanks for sharing , hope you're having a nice weekend ! xoxoxox

PinkBow said...

i'm pleased you posted some pics here, i haven't been able to check the outfits out yet.

Susi said...

I gave you an award. You can check it out on my blog! =)

scrapss said...

i dont like miley dress ,

Michelle said...

oh i completely agree. what was SJP thinking???? my favorite from above (i didn't watch the oscars :[ ) is rachel mcadams. the colors are just beautiful!

Zanah said...

Lovely gowns indeed ! Thx for your visit as always :) Mon Mode Blog

Couture Carrie said...

Beautiful roundup, darling!

Love your selections and totally agree!


heart charlie said...

Awww Kristin Stewart looks adorable, but Nicole Richie looks insane ...and NOT in a good way! haha :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Miley Cyrus was my absolute favorite; though, I have to admit, I kind of loved Nicole Richie's look. It was very Old Hollywood fashion, I thought! :)

nookie said...

love nude dresses too...my fav was Miley's dress

Joezehh said...

totally agree with all your choices; much as i hate to admit it, miley cyrus looked stunning!
thanks for the comment on my blog :)
x x x x

ana b. said...

Anna Kendricks' dress was definitely my favourite - and such an on-trend shade too. There were a lot of strapless dresses with fluffy skirts this year, weren't there? And quite a bit more boring than past years. I also did like Zoe Saldana's although some people said she was wearing loofahs on her bottom half.

English Rose ♥ said...

Totally agree with your last three!!Awful!!!

I've never been to Australia but it looks so beautiful - there are worse palces to have never left!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Ruth loves said...

SJP?! What were you thinking?! I think Miley looked beautiful, as did Kristen :)

Anonymous said...

love your review on the event!
thanks for sharing darling
and thanks for the comments, means the world!