Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today at the Park

Today was the last day of holidays. I can't believe I'm returning to university tomorrow, it has come around so fast. I haven't completed nearly as much work as I planned to, so I really need to get into it tomorrow. Today I went to a park with my boyfriend, Rydog. I wanted to do something fun for the last day of the holidays and it also presented a good opportunity to take photographs. I can't explain how windy it was at the park so it was a little difficult to take photos. I have just started to improve my photoshop skills and the header that Rydog recently made me has inspired me to become better. So I thought my blog pictures would be a good place to practice. Here are some pictures from today:






I'm really dreading tomorrow and its late so I'm going to be extremely tired. Also, Rydog is away in Queensland this week with his family. I wish they had invited me to come. I normally go everywhere with them. I'd much rather spend a week on the beach where the weather is still warm than be at home studying. I'm not going to have anyone to go out with on the weekend. I'm really not looking forward to this week, but at least he won't be away for too long.


Ariella said...

Oh you look lovely. I esp. love the tights!

Annie said...

Love those purple tights!

Anonymous said...

love love love the tights and the look is amazing!

daywalker said...

Love the tights and shoes combo. I'm terrible with photoshop, I usually get my boyfriend to do the technical stuff for me!!

ryder said...

without white shirt!