Monday, June 29, 2009


I've been shopping over the last couple of days and I am extremely dissapointed with the clothes in the shops at the moment. Most of the clothes are not detailed enough for my liking and its so hard to find skirts or dresses. It is becoming very frustrating. I never thought there would be a time where I couldn't find any clothes that I like in the shops. I am looking for some specific items such as a black skirt with white lace trim, floral tops and dresses, long sleeved winter dresses and tulip skirts in plain colours but I can't find them anywhere. I wish I could sew because then I could make some skirts. I've been browsing sites such as Topshop and Modcloth. They truly have the best clothes and I wish these clothes were available in Australia.

I have always loved skirts. I would like to get some more skirts that flair out rather than just straight skirts. I have quite a nice skirt collection at the moment but lately I have been having trouble finding suitable additions to it. These are my favourites from Topshop and Modcloth.

Nothing can beat ModCloth when it comes to dresses. I love the detailing, styles and colours. They are truly outstanding.

These are my favourite tops from Topshop and Modcloth. I like floral tops with bright colours. I really like the blue top with the kitten. A few days ago I had an idea to make a t-shirt with a picture of my cat who recently died. This top has inspired me to go ahead with the idea.

I'm sure I won't actually buy any of these items because there are no stores here and the postage would be so high. But it gives a general idea on what I like and I found it fun.


Jennifer said...

Oooh I LOVE online browsing too! :) Great for ideas. And like you, I don't purchase online b/c the shipping fees are horrendous and I like to try things on before buying them (I have such a weird shape, everything fits differently on me).
Everything you picked is fab. I'm going to be dreaming about those beautiful skirts and dresses now all day!!

Anonymous said...

I love Modcloth. They sell the cutest stuff!

Hanne said...

You've found so many nice clothes:) My favourite is the blue flover-dress, really beautiful! Unfortunately, we don't have Topshop in Norway either... But I've heard some rumours saying thay they're on their way. So hopefully that's true:)

Adela said...

everything is so lovely! you have EXCELLENT taste-i woudl wear all of those! =)


Demi said...

thank you for your comment, honey!
topshop and modcloth are amazingggg. I'm really disappointed that we dont have modcloth over here, i'm sure topshop will make its way over there soon though! :)
gorgeoussss clothes!

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

thanx for the comment!:))
mmm Actually I don't like wearing skirts, but these seem to be so cute!! I may think again about buying some new skirt then! hehe
And the dresses are lovely too! the first one is perrrrfect!


Ariella said...

Oh, I know how you feel... All the best clothes can be found online! However, sometimes I think the postage can be worth it!

Emily said...

I like browsing on Modcloth's website, too. They have some great stuff! Sometimes I have a hard time finding things I like in the shops, too. Don't give up though, the things you want are out there just waiting for you to find them!

Charmaine said...

i'm in love with skirts with pockets!!!
i'm sorry about your cat :[ i took care of a stray kitty before and it died :[ but the t-shirt idea is great.